Plant Sap Analysis Interpretation Short Course

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What to expect

This comprehensive class is designed for both beginners and seasoned commercial growers. You'll learn how to effectively use plant sap analysis to interpret crop health and optimize your fertilizer recipes. While the focus is on aquaponic and hydroponic systems, the techniques are applicable to soil-based and integrated crop management programs.

Topics we cover

  • Introduction to Sap Analysis: Understand the basics and the significance of sap analysis in crop management.
  • Goals of Analysis: Learn what you can achieve through sap analysis.
  • Assessing Crop Health: Techniques to evaluate the well-being of your crops.
  • Comparing Conventional Testing Methods: Understand how sap analysis stacks up against traditional methods.
  • Post-Harvest Quality Assessment: Ensuring quality doesn't end at harvest.
  • Sap vs. Leaf Extract vs. Dry Tissue Testing: Explore the differences and advantages of each method.
  • Low-Cost Methods of Quality Testing: Affordable ways to assess crop quality.
  • Assessing Crop's Access to Nutrients: Techniques for analyzing nutrient availability through media, soil, water, and plant sap.
  • Advanced Tools for Crop Management: Introduction to advanced sap analysis methods.
  • Increasing Pest and Disease Resistance: Learn how sap analysis can bolster your crops' defenses.
  • Understanding Mineral Mobilization: Delve into the movement of minerals within plants and its impact on growth.
  • Critical Points of Influence: Identifying key stages in the crop lifecycle for nutrient management.
  • What is Brix?: Exploring the significance of this key indicator in sap analysis.
  • Sap Sampling Techniques: Tailored methods for various crops like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and cannabis/hemp.
  • Interpreting a Plant Sap Analysis Report: Master the art of reading and understanding sap analysis results, including total sugars, pH, EC, cation/anion balance, nutrient ratios, and nitrogen conversion efficiency.
  • Interventions via Nutrient Management: Learn how to adjust nutrient profiles based on sap analysis findings and assess improvements in yield and quality.
  • Relating Management to Farm Economics: Understand the economic implications of sap analysis and nutrient management.

Bonus Materials

  • Access to over 60 crop-specific sampling guides.
  • 24/7 access to recorded presentation
  • Access to slide deck
  • Certification in Plant Sap Diagnostics.
  • Lifetime membership to a private group of past Regen Aquaculture students.
  • Log Tracking Sheet for monitoring progress.

Session Details

  • Duration: 2-hour e-course.
  • Pricing: $249 for the first ticket, $150 for each additional ticket purchased on the same account (ideal for companies).
  • All sessions will be recorded for later review.

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