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George “Joe” Pate is a leading aquaponic consultant and the founder of Regenerative Ecosystems, an agricultural consulting company specializing in the research, development, and implementation of regenerative agriculture practices and biotechnologies. Regen Aquaculture is the branch dedicated to regenerative aquaculture systems such as aquaponics.

Joe’s passion for regenerative systems began when he was growing up surrounded by the sprawling forests and farms of Northern Kentucky. He was raised by a horticultural expert and spent much of his early years working in produce and ornamental gardens where he observed and learned to ‘communicate’ with nature.

Like many of us, Joe has witnessed the consequences that conventional agricultural practices have imposed on our planet. Determined to change how society farms, Joe has devoted his life to serving and teaching those who share in his commitment.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

- Joe Pate

Joe urges his followers and clients to take action and create the future: Rise above outdated myths and limitations that convince you to limit your impact on the world. Fuel your passion by prioritizing Planet, People, and Profit, in order to achieve true freedom for yourself and your family.

His viewpoints on leadership, the economy, small business, feeding the world, employment, and headlines have made him a valuable resource for media organizations seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter.

"I work with businesses to grow profits by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the entire farming process from design and planning to training, marketing, and sales to be more effective. I am a farmer, author, international speaker, consultant, and considered to be one the top aquaponic experts in the world today."

Author of The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan and The Aquatic Natural Farming Recipe Book

The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan

In 2020, Joe wrote the The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan, an industry standard framework for new and existing farms to have the resources needed to run their organizations, including a Global GAP food safety plan, common Standard Operating Procedures, integrated crop management planning tools, self-audits, quick reference guides, and workplace signs.

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The Aquatic Natural Farming Recipe Book

In 2022, Joe wrote The Aquatic Natural Farming Recipe Book. This book can be used as a grower's primary resource for learning how to create their own natural, USDA-certifiable amendments, including fertilizers, biological stimulants, and inoculations. 

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Speaking Engagements

Joe is passionate about making a difference and sharing information. He strives to provide an effective and influential experience for the audience and enjoys presenting at conferences when possible.

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Moving Past the “Essential Elements” for Plants

Learn why we use over 90+ minerals in our nutrient programs compared to the 16-18 essentials that everyone else applies.

The Nitrogen Paradox

Growing more doesn't always mean more money. Learn why we promote a balanced ecosystem compared to traditional UVI aquaponic systems.

Turning Food Into Medicine

Learn about the four stages of plant health and how we can use simple low-cost techniques to grow higher quality food.

Regenerative Aquaculture

Find out how and why we are pushing innovative aquaponic designs to create regenerative aquaculture systems.

Standardizing Farm Management

The only way to create a reliable cycle of abundance is to standardize the day-in and day-out of operations.

Cultivating Disease and Pest Suppressive Plants

The vast majority of all crop loss to pest and disease is preventable. Learn how to grow healthier crops that are naturally more resistant to disease and pests.

Beyond Survival: Creating Sustainable Water, Food, and Energy Systems

Learn how you can apply the practical steps we took to provide clean water, fresh food, and reliable energy in a time of war or uncertainty.

Decentralizing Food Systems

Uncover innovative approaches to creating a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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