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Our Story

At Regen Aquaculture, we are a team of individuals dedicated to creating an abundant future on Earth. One where all humans eat healthy food, drink clean water, and breathe fresh air for generations to come.

The conventional ways of farming have resulted in climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and desertification. Fortunately, using regenerative practices, we can change agriculture from being the most destructive force in the world into the solution for building soils, restoring waterways, and purifying the air we breathe.

We help propel ecosystem regeneration by developing the resources, tools, and knowledge to help farmers change these destructive practices into ones that create a more profitable and prosperous operation.

Our Mission

To accelerate the reality of regenerative agri/aquaculture by providing the tools, knowledge, and resources for farmers to cultivate responsible interaction between us and our planet successfully.

Our Vision

A world where agricultural systems regenerate our ecosystems and create an abundance of fresh food, water, and air for generations to come.

Our Values

  1. Simplicity; Keep it Simple- If the solution is so complex that no one can understand or use it, then it is not a viable solution
  2. Equal Access to Food- We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy fresh food that is safe from chemical contamination 
  3. Food Sovereignty- We believe there is no way for a few to produce food for everyone. We believe that it is not any one person’s job to feed the world; this mindset puts unrealistic goals in farmers’ minds and leads to a feeling that nothing is enough. That is why we focus on teaching and providing the tools and resources necessary for farmers to be successful.
  4. Environmental Ownership- We can solve almost all of our environmental issues through good agricultural practices which regenerate life in our soils and water
  5. Collaboration over Competition- If we are going to save the world, we need to work together. We are adamant about creating and sharing information and working with others who have the same vision.

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