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Regen Aquaculture’s philosophy is rooted in university-led research and collaboration with K-12 schools. We are passionate about inspiring the next generation to create a better future.

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Educate to Empower: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

The future of farming depends on exceptional farm managers and owners, who can develop an intimate understanding of their crops and the science needed to increase revenue, create manageable data sets, and make decisive and data-driven decisions. 

As Educators, you are preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist yet, one that they have to create, and as such, you are trusted with the most important job to encourage and guide our future leaders. Regen Aquaculture is here to relieve your stress..

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Our services

System Design

Whether you need high-tech replicated vertical systems or low-tech DIY plans, Regen Aquaculture helps take the guesswork out of your design so you and your students can enjoy seamless growing. We provide materials that will teach your students correct operating practices and help you develop course material.

Services include

  • 2D and 3D Design
  • Engineering
  • Equipment Selection
  • Operations Development
  • Site Analysis


Custom Workshops

Regen Aquaculture’s workshops are perfect for educating and empowering your team in the field of CEA and urban agriculture.

Designed to the clients’ specific needs, these workshops are suited for private companies, public entities, educational institutions, or individuals looking to explore CEA and urban agriculture. Working closely with the host, Regen Aquaculture will plan, organize, and execute the entire workshop from start to finish.

Potential Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Local Agriculture
  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture / Aquaculture
  • Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • The Future of Food Systems
  • Case Studies from Urban Ag and Aquaponic  Farms
  • Commercial Aquaponic / Urban Farming Business Planning
  • Aquaponic Operators Course
  • And many more…


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