It is undeniable that controlled environment agriculture and aquaculture are the fastest growing industries in the world. 

The question is: Who has the vision, dedication, and ability to be successful?

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Investing in the future of food 

According to AgFunder, between 2015 and 2020, there was a 16,000% increase in indoor agriculture investments. We offer our expertise to enthusiastic Investors to help them better understand the industry when considering investment opportunities.

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Industry Survey of CEA and Aquaponics

In a 2020 Global Census of CEA, only 50% of operations record profitable revenue. In a recent survey of aquaponic producers, 31% were profitable, with 75% on track to be profitable within 36 months. To help increase the success of CEA, we have built our business around reducing risk.

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We offer a range of services to Investors

Industry & Market Research

Regen Aquaculture can provide clients looking to understand better urban ag or CEA markets with customized research built upon the foundation of our internal databases. We offer transparency around data sources and key assumptions and translate that information into a context that outside investors find critical.

Services include

  • Market size determination and expected growth
  • Key drivers of growth
  • Market maps
  • Technology and operational evaluation
  • Market research by region
  • Crop type
  • Technology integration
  • Growing method

Additionally, we also assist with many custom requests.

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Due Diligence


Using our extensive industry knowledge and datasets, our team helps evaluate a potential investment’s business plans and supporting documents to ensure that you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Service Includes

  • Operational History Assessment
  • Review of Executive Team & Management
  • Review Sales Distribution and Strategy
  • Yield Validation
  • Technology Selection Assessment
  • Technology Efficacy Assessment
  • IP Assessment

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Custom Workshops


Regen Aquaculture’s workshops are perfect for educating and empowering your team in the field of CEA and urban agriculture.

Designed to the clients’ specific needs, these workshops are suited for private companies, public entities, educational institutions, or individuals looking to explore CEA and urban agriculture. Working closely with the host, Regen Aquaculture will plan, organize, and execute the entire workshop from start to finish.

Potential Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Local Agriculture
  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture / Aquaculture
  • Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • The Future of Food Systems
  • Case Studies from Urban Ag and Aquaponic  Farms
  • Commercial Aquaponic / Urban Farming Business Planning
  • Aquaponic Operators Course
  • And many more…

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