Regenerative Nutrient and Pest Program ROI Calculator

Getting Started

Using the provided form you can estimate the potential revenue of your farm using our consulting services and customized Regenerative Nutrient and Preventive Pest Program and more importantly your Return-On-Investment



Current Potential Annual Revenue$0

Current Annual Revenue Loss-$0

Potential Annual Revenue using our Regenerative Program$0

Potential Annual Revenue Gain$0

Estimated Annual Cost of our Regenerative Program (includes consulting services and product cost)$0


Annualized ROI


For simplicity, we have made a few assumptions based on our experiences in the past. These include the following:

1) For the Potential Annual Revenue, using our Regenerative Program, we assume a 10% increase in production and a 50% reduction in your current production loss. Typically, our farmers see a 10-30% increase in crop yield and a 50-95% reduction in crop losses.

2) For the Estimated Annual Cost of Our Regenerative Program we assume that your expenses for products and consulting services are 5% of your Potential Revenue using our Regenerative Program.

Many factors can affect these assumptions including, size of operation, type of crop, management, the current cost of nutrient and pest program, environmental restrictions/limitations, degree of regenerative practices used, access to products,etc. For a detailed quote please contact us at