Aquaponic Pesticide Toxicity Calculator (Imperial)

Pesticides in Aquaponics

The truth is....

Just hearing the word pesticide probably got your heart racing, or your brain saying "I thought you didn't need pesticides", truth is you don't, if you don't mind sharing your plants with some visitors'. For most in controlled environment agriculture, pesticides are a necessary part of managing the balance between plants and insects. In aquaponics though we have to be sure that the pesticides we use are fish safe, and just cause a product is organic doesn't mean at the dosage and concentrations that it is applied are safe for fish.

To help with this we have developed a pesticide toxicity calculate that allows you to determine if your product will harm your fish. 

Every effort has be made to ensure the accuracy of this app, but no guarantee or assurances are made in its accuracy. 

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