Why Do Most Fish Farms Fail?

November 26, 2023 by
Why Do Most Fish Farms Fail?
Regen Aquaculture, Sam Funk
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💡  Aquaculture, the practice of farm raising fish, is positioned as the most probable and feasible response to providing responsibly-raised seafood to a market disadvantaged with dwindling supplies and unreliable sources. Although a seemingly attractive and potentially lucrative endeavor, many people or businesses jump into the aquaculture business baiting more than they can hook. In their book, Recirculating Aquaculture 4th Edition, authors Michael B. Timmons, Todd Guerdat, and Brian J. Vinci state 8 reasons why most fish farms fail.

📌 8 Reasons Fish Farms Fail:
▶ Fish are introduced into the system before a functioning water sensor alarm or backup generator are installed. A farmer will find out the power went out only when it’s too late.
▶ ‘Loose water or loose flow = loose fish is a principle that is not understood, and thus, not taken seriously.
▶ Aquaculture is a sensitive ecosystem consisting of many organisms working together to balance their habitat. This sensitivity of this biological system is not fully appreciated, and thus, mismanaged.

▶  Inadequate system size to pay capital/operating cost or achieve economies of scale…farms are specked too small for economic viability.
▶ A business plan is not either a) not implemented or b) unrealistic.
▶ Under capitalization. Investment money must be in place BEFORE construction on operation begins.

▶ Poor engineering design and a lack of understanding of carrying capacity and production efficiency leads to a severe overestimation of the system’s true carrying capacity.
▶ Inadequate access to niche market fish and an inability to obtain premium prices.

🎯 Although challenging, having the proper guidance and start-up materials is enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction for up-and-coming fish farm. Whether you’re a farmer, investor, educator, or supplier, Regen Aquaculture provides data-driven design, research, benchmarking, and strategy services necessary for controlled environment agriculture operations.

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Why Do Most Fish Farms Fail?
Regen Aquaculture, Sam Funk November 26, 2023
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